Western Canada Guide

Western Canada

Beautiful scenery, vivacious cities, and lots of adventures that your family can enjoy; Canada is a vast country with spectacular forests and rich cultural legacy. The Western region of Canada features some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes with port towns, Yukon’s spectacular wildlife, and the magnificence of the Rocky Mountains.

When To Visit

The magnificent scenery and cultural heritage that Canada has to offer are welcoming travelers especially during the summer, however, it is also suitable as a year-round destination. Additionally, the Autumn season offers a magnificent pop of color all over the country, specifically during September and October.

What To Do

Canada offers numerous wildlife sightseeing opportunities. See in its natural habitat the orcas, belugas, caribou, and moose among others. Discover the black and grizzly bears while they feast on salmon or you can watch the polar bears closely as well.

  • Travel along the famed Canadian Pacific Railway also known as the “ribbons of steel”. And explore the spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife, lush rivers, and magnificent mountain views. this is truly an exciting way of discovering this country’s true character.
  • Québec offers travelers a rich French heritage to explore. From the spoken language and cuisine through to its street signs and traditions, you can discover all of these in the cobbled streets of “French” Canada.
  • Winter in Canada is an incredible experience from the rare to the more typical winter event. Walking through the ice canyon and experiencing the beauty of forests covered in snow, in the frozen mountains, the lake, and glaciers will be a wonderful moment during your trip.
  • Canada is known to organize amazing events and festivals so what better way to complete your trip by going to one of the festivals. An example is the Calgary Stampede which is hosted every summer and is known by many as the “Most Amazing Show On Earth.”
  • Whether you go on a trip by exploring various food trucks around Vancouver or visit the Arctic’s indigenous people, the locals that you are about to meet are going to be one of the highlights of your experience while visiting Canada.

Getting Around The Cities

Most cities in Canada have well maintained and systematized public transport systems that make exploring towns on a schedule easier, more exciting, and convenient. Buses are mostly fleets, but cars, sea buses, trolleys, and trains are also available to be used by tourists.


Almost 20% of people speak French, however, particularly in Eastern Canada the official language is English.


Similar to the United States, tipping is also done in Canada. In restaurants, it is common practice for servers to give a portion of their tips with the other staff in restaurants, a typical process known as “tipping out”. Workers that are receiving tips must legally report the income and pay income tax to the Canada Revenue Agency.