Ya ‘Gotta is a travel agency that is specializing custom Canadian vacation for travelers from all over the globe. Also, they are producing custom-made travel packages for couples, families, and groups (companies or associations).

Why Choose Ya ‘Gotta?

You Are Travel Planning With A Canadian

Wouldn’t it be nice to plan your travel itinerary with someone that has knowledge of the place that you are going to? Here in Ya ‘Gotta, we are reassuring you that your vacation will be worthwhile and is put together by an expert who is not only knowledgeable about Canada but also knows where the fun is. Also, since your travel counselor is a local you get to be assisted personally if you need them or if you are planning to make some changes during the trip.

You Are Booking Directly

There are no middlemen involved during the process so expect that your travel will be much easier with less money being spent because you do not have to deal with unnecessary people that require an extra fee. As a foreign traveler, you must also take note that you are secured by the Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agent.

Since Ya ‘Gotta has a travel agent license and also a legitimate registered agency, the compensation fund will allow clients to reimburse services that were not used or received during their trip.

You Will Be Able To Customize Your Own Vacation

Ya ‘Gotta’s travel counselor will be more than happy to assist you with the whole process of putting together your perfect vacation. This service is definitely free and the agency will do the best they can to fulfill your wishes. In this process, you are able to choose the destinations that you would like, the accommodations, the departure date, the length of your vacation, and many more.