Screen Printing Business: The Know-Hows

With today’s generation, anyone with a little creativity and a little knowledge and t shirt printing business can be a successful entrepreneur in a snap. One of the most in-demand yet low-maintenance proprietorship you might want to consider is the screen printing business.

In this article, you will learn the basic know-hows in putting up your own screen printing business.

The Screen Printing Business

Custom T-shirts are the main product of screen printing. This type of business caters voluminous orders and intricate designs. The advantage of screen printing business over the computerized customized printing is that it is more accurate to details, colors and that screen printing designs gives more ease in adjusting sizes.

How much will your capital be?

In this type of business, you’ll have to allocate at least $250 for one month’s cost excluding rentals and utility bills. For acquiring equipment and supplies, you may start a loan with monthly installment plan. A screen printing equipment will start providing you cash once you started running it. Businesses that offer customized products needs to have more access to suppliers in which they can acquire payables from time to time.

How much will you obtain?

At minimum, a well-managed screen printing business may provide a clean profit of $100,000 anually. Most customers of this type of business are other businesses as well which are in need of employee uniforms, team jerseys, uniformed shirts, and some customers just need or wants customized and unique apparel to show-off.

The average operational costs

There are a lot of supplies you’ll need to run the business. In this section, we’ll give you an approximate breakdown to the basic supplies, equipment and labor you’ll need.

• Human Labor

Hired human labor for this type of business can be paid at above-minimum wage depending on the daily sales and operational demand of work.  For salaries, a proprietor may allocate atleast $2000 monthly for 2-3 employees. Of course, this is still changeable and may depend on how the business works. As a start, the owner may hire 2-3 employees while still assessing the daily flow of operations.

• T-Shirts

Since your focused product are Custom T-shirts, you’ll need a supplier in which you can have the least cost at the best quality. You may also consider their terms of collecting payment and discount offers. For T-shirts, the owner may allocate for at least $1.5 for each shirt depending on the size and the fabric used.

• Silk Screen and Ink

These two are the nest most important supplies you’ll need. Both are relatively low-cost and low-maintenance yet you’ll need to have a voluminous supply readily available for a large demand. You may allocate atleast $2.00 cost of screen and ink per shirt including human labor and other miscellaneous fees.

• Utilities

For any type of business,  the owner needs to prioritize the billing of utilities. This includes rentals, light and water bill, janitorial services and repairs. A start-up business may allocate for at least $80 monthly.

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