Experience Vancouver

Visiting Vancouver allows you to explore different landscapes from mountain to rainforest to coastline setting. Additionally, Vancouver is one of the most populous and not to mention, ethnically diverse towns in Canada. It is an exciting port located in British Columbia. Situated around the mountains, it is a famous filming spot with prosperous art, stage, and musical scenes. The Art Gallery of Vancouver is renowned for its national works of art.

If you are a foodie, you would be glad to know that there is a diverse food selection around the town. Also, there is a Food Truck Tour available for lunch or dinner on the Capilano Suspension Bridge, Cliffwalk, and Grouse Mountain Skyride. By hanging out in neighborhoods and getting to know some people you will recognize that people from Vancouver are friendly and welcoming.


  • Best Food Truck Selection
  • Granville Island Arts and Crafts Community
  • North Shore Biking Trails

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