Spirit of The West Tour

  • Mountains, Lakes, and Glaciers
  • Handpicked Canadian Rockies
  • Grizzly Expedition

Get to see grizzly bears in action as they hunt for salmon in the vicinity of Campbell River, and discover more about Canada’s wonderful animals from a local’s perspective. The platforms for viewing will enable you to have a first-hand view as to how the bears look around for food in the forest.

In addition to that, this expedition is a great opportunity for those people that are curious about the grizzlies’ everyday adventures and would like to observe what they do even for just a short time. By getting on this adventure, you will learn a lot about their behaviors and how to interact with them while being safe. The expedition will also take place in strategically located spots so the bears will not be fully disturbed.


  1. A Once In a Lifetime Experience to Observe Bears in Their Natural Habitat
  2. Get to visit Salmon Capital of The World, also known as the Campbell River
  3. Be Transported by A Mini Bus to View The Bears

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